Security surveys and assessments are entirely free of charge as are fully detailed recommendations, quotations and schematic drawings. We are here to build a solution to meet your needs.


Service support In addition to providing service under the manufacturers warranty we also provide tailored packages for extended warranty, routine maintenance and emergency same day replacement or repair. System commissioning includes full on-site user training with on going telephone support.


CSS have our own secure CCTV monitoring station which is manned 24hrs 365 days a year. Some properties require monitoring 24/7, others only require this service during the hours the business or property is vacant or unmanned. As part of the initial security review we can establish your monitoring requirements and design your system with this in mind.

Using a broadband internet connection we can connect to your CCTV system and provide live interactive monitoring of your site. When intruders are detected or suspicious activity is being observed our operators have an agreed procedure to action. Our operators can communicate directly with the local police control room in seconds if required.

For sites that are unable to have broadband we can provide connection through 3G networks.

CSS can also build audible loud speakers into any system which would enable our operators to verbally audio and deter individuals before a crime is even committed.

Our monitoring staff are also able to have control over out of hours authorised access to controlled premises.