CCTV Systems in Lewisham

CCTV Systems in LewishamCamera Security Services design, supply and install CCTV systems in Lewisham to suit every domestic and commercial requirement. Our CCTV installations include private stately homes, exclusive car dealerships, schools, colleges and large commercial businesses all, in the Lewisham area.

We use the latest IP high definition technology for many of our CCTV installations in Lewisham and are able to provide CCTV coverage in extreme conditions. Areas with very low light, night-club interiors, dazzling car headlights can be covered with cameras designed to work in these conditions.

Intruder Alarms in Lewisham

Our intruder alarm systems will alert a monitoring station immediately if your property in Lewisham is compromised. If the system is set up set up with a Police URN, the police in Lewisham are called as soon as the alarm is triggered.

Camera Security Systems install, service and maintain Intruder alarms from local audible only systems to fully monitored redcare or dual path signalling system in Lewisham.

Access Control in Lewisham

We fit access control systems for businesses in Lewisham from 1 to 2000 plus doors. Our systems can also be integrated with CCTV for total door control and monitoring. Our access control installations in Lewisham are tailored to meet specific budgets and low, medium or high security levels of door, gate or barrier control.

Perimeter Protection in Lewisham

We offer a wide range of solutions integrated with CCTV or intruder alarm systems in Lewisham.

Perimeter protection can provide an early warning of unwanted intruders to your premises and allied with an efficient CCTV system can often deter potential intruders before they gain entry into buildings in Lewisham.

Barriers & Gates in Lewisham

Camera Security Systems also specialise in the design, supply and installation of automated gate systems and security barriers in Lewisham. Contact us for a quote for a barrier or gates for your Lewisham property.

CCTV Monitoring in Lewisham

Camera Security Systems have our own secure CCTV monitoring station which is manned 24hrs 365 days a year. Some properties in Lewisham require monitoring 24/7, others only require this service during the hours the business or if a property is vacant.

If intruders are detected our operators can communicate directly with the Lewisham police control room in seconds if required.